SCJAS Workshops

NASA’S Centennial Challenge: Technology Development using Competition and Challenges
South Carolina Junior Academy of Science (SCJAS)
2017 Fall Workshop
Saturday, November 4th, 2017
Furman University, Greenville, SC

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Online Registration

When registering online please select your top four choices for sessions to attend. We will take these choices into consideration when assigning you and your students to the available slots in each of the sessions being offered. If you will be participating in (or attending) the Science Trivia Competition, please indicate this as your first choice.

Directions to Campus and Campus Map
The address of Furman University is 3300 Poinsett Highway, Greenville, SC 29613.
Click here for Driving to campus:
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Drop-off and Parking
Busses may drop off participants in front of Daniel Music Building (#1 on the campus map). [This location is just to the right as you enter campus from Poinsett Highway]. Our program will end at this location so pick-up will be in the same location. Vehicles (cars and buses) can park in the lot to the side or behind the main music building. Vehicles will not need passes for parking in these locations; however, it will be helpful to campus police if contact information (e.g. a cell phone number) for a driver could be included in the front window of the vehicle.

Registration, Plenary and Closing Session
Registration and pick up of assigned workshop schedules will take place in Daniel Music Building (#1)
Welcome Ceremony and Keynote Address will take place in Daniel Recital Hall (#1).
Workshop Sessions and Science Trivia Competition will be held in labs and classrooms throughout campus.
Lunch will be served in Daniel Dining Hall (#26).
Closing session will be in Daniel Recital Hall (#1).

Schedule of Events
Registration 8:00 – 9:00 a.m. ($15 cost for registration)
Plenary Session 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
Plenary Address: Mr. Tony Kim (NASA)
Deputy Program Manager
“NASA’s Centennial Challenge: Technology Development
Using Competition and Challenges”
Session #1 10:15 – 11:15
Session #2 11:30 – 12:30
Lunch (Furman DH) 12:30 – 1:45
Session #3 1:45 – 2:45 (Also Science Trivia Competition)
Closing session 3:00 – 3:30

Proposed Break-out Sessions (to be held during sessions 1-3)

It's Not Brain Surgery (Sheep Brain Dissection) Jason Hayden (Furman University)
Ever wonder what a real brain looks like? Or feels like? Explore how the brain is built and works using a real sheep brain.

Shark Dissection Edna Steele (Converse College)
A hands-on activity involving the study of the external and internal anatomy of the dogfish shark.

Forensic Anthropology: Whose Bone is It  Libba Mattison (JL Mann HS); Edna Steele (Converse College)
Students turn into “bone detectives” as they analyze human skeletal remains to solve “missing persons” mystery. Possible age, sex, and race of bone remains are determined using simple tools.

Chemistry and Art  Latha Gearhart (Presbyterian College)

Two hands-on activities will be available as examples of the connections between chemistry and art. Students will have the opportunity explore electrochemistry through the “coloring” of titanium and niobium metal and photochemistry through traditional photography, salt-print developing processes.

Science Trivia Competition Zachary Davis (Wofford College)

Ready to prove your team’s science prowess? Play against multiple teams in our two-round tournament. This competition is weighted toward neuroscience and NASA topics, but will include questions from biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Get those thumb muscles toned, get ready to buzz in, get your science knowledge tested! Sign up is limited to the first eight teams, so sign up today!

Backyard Brains – Neuroscience in the Classroom  Linnea Freeman and Nick Kuklinski (Furman University)

Starting off with a quick overview of neuroscience (NSC 101) this session will allow students to explore a variety of the hands-on neuroscience kits available through Backyard Brains ( Attendees will rotate through stations exploring: Roboroach, human-human interaction, spiker kits and muscle stimulators.

Using maps to make decisions Melanie Brown (Furman University)

Experience how maps can be used to help people make difficult decisions. Through web-based mapping and a hands-on simulation, we’ll explore how environmental and economic data can be combined to make choices about land conservation.

Solar Eclipse: What have we learned?  David Moffett (Furman University)

We will present a planetarium show that returns us back in time to the Great American Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017, and exhibits the scientific knowledge we have learned from multiple professional and citizen science experiments that were conducted during the 90-minutes that the total shadow of the Moon swept across the United States.

Voyage to Mars  David Moffett (Furman University); Beth Leavitt (Wade Hampton HS)

Using large Mars Maps provided by the Buzz Aldrin Space Foundation, explore the surface of Mars and learn what scientists have discovered about it from roving laboratories on the surface and from orbiting spacecraft. We will also consider the challenges associated with sending manned missions to Mars, which could occur as early as 2030!

The Forgotten World of the Protozoan  Deb Ezell (Chesnee HS)

What are the protozoa? Where do they live? What do they eat? Do they taste like chicken? You’ll discover protozoa’s place in the tree of life and learn why some are considered animal like and some plantlike. You will use microscopes and dichotomous keys to observe, classify, and identify various organisms.

Journey to the Center of the Atom  Bill Wabbersen (Savannah River Site – SRS) and Jon Guy (SRNS)

Students explore atomic structure using the hands-on Isotope Discovery Kit. The session will include brief descriptions of how important nuclear technologies are used within the state of South Carolina.

So you want to go to Medical School?  USCSOM Greenville Medical Students
Join a group of current medical school students from USC School of Medicine Greenville as they share their individual experiences preparing for medical school (high school through college) and their current experience as they begin and/or complete their program of study. Plenty of opportunity for Q&A.

A buffet-style lunch is included in the registration fee. Lunch will be served at Daniel Dining Hall (#26 on the map).

Note: If you have food allergies, are on a special diet or have other food restrictions, please contact Tammy Cureton ( with your specific needs.